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Additive Manufacturing applications

AMcubator is the end-to-end Additive Manufacturing ecosystem to develop scalable applications.

By closely working together with marketleaders in the industry we cover all expertises, skills and capability to develop succesfull 3D printed applications.

AM Workspaces

Fully equipped workplace with all necessary facilities such as a desk with neat soundproof partition. Coffee corner with facilities that meet the current Corona-proof guidelines.


AM showrooms

Showrooms to inspire innovative companies with your solution, located in the heart of the high tech manufacturing industry. Receive your customers in your own environment, separated by glass walls. Including basic facilities.

AM pilot production

A production area located directly on the walkway in AMcubator. 700 m2 production space where printers are fully operational. In a flexible factory environment including the necessary facilities.


Partners invested to drive the transformation towards industrial 3D printing.

“We help innovators accelerate their product development and apply AM to deliver low-run production batches and one-off custom parts at competitive prices. That’s why we provide end-to-end solutions including design software and state-of-the-art 3D measuring technology”

Jan Klingen

Managing Director Benelux, Hexagon MI

“As launching partner of the AMcubator we’ll be displaying our latest innovation in the field of post-processing in Additive Manufacturing. Together with other launching partners we’re bringing scalable applications to the market and optimize processes further in order to have Additive Manufacturing as a competitive manufacturing technology”

Gerard Nijhof

Commercial Director, AMsolutions

“The collaboration with other partners will enable us to further develop & fine-tune our modular AM factory automation solutions in a live production environment”

Stefan Rink

CEO, AM-flow

“We are extremely excited to launch AMcubator with global leaders in our space. We believe that collaboration is key to assure a scalable future of Additive Manufacturing processes.”

Maikel de Wit

Director, Marketiger

 “Only by collaborating with partners from the ecosystem; new and disruptive 3D printing applications can be developed” 

Maarten van Dijk

Director, Additive Center

Brainport Industries Campus

AMcubator houses a range of technologies that together form scalable processes for Additive Manufacturing. The members of the center are leaders in their specialism, resulting in a unique mix of knowledge about process components. A unique location in the heart of the Brainport Industries Campus. The face of high-tech manufacturing. Offering an integrated package of services such as workspaces, machines and expert support.

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